Viva Colombia

Viva Colombia

We have arrived in Colombia, our final destination (not in a creepy way). When we headed off on our year long trip last time, Colombia was a much anticipated destination for us after constantly hearing other travellers rave about it. Unfortunately we never quite made it which was one of the reasons we came away again and now we are here – very exciting!

After arriving at Medellin airport after dark and spending about forty five minutes trying to book an Uber we were finally on our way to ‘La Cabana’, a sweet little hostel we booked in the countryside not far from the airport. It’s a new and remote hostel so we weren’t expecting the taxi driver to know it so when we reached the pin we had dropped on google maps we asked the cab to stop, paid and waved him goodbye. It was pitch black and there was no hostel in sight so we followed the sound of a stream down a long path and we finally saw some lights, thinking this must be it, thank god. Three dogs came bounding over protectively warning us off the property but we slowly approached the entrance. As we knocked on the window, a Colombian lady mid dinner couldn’t have looked more surprised to have two foreigners on her doorstep late at night. It turns out we had just wandered into somebody’s private property, traipsed across their garden and were now interrupting their dinner. Thankfully they were a lovely family and with a little Spenglish we managed to tell them what the hell we were playing at so they piled our bags into their little car and drove us to La Cabana.

After finally arriving, we had a beer with Santiago, the (super lovely) guy who runs this place and then we headed to bed. I was so excited to wake up here the following morning, this has to be one of the cutest places we’ve stayed. The rooms are rustic, the courtyard is quaint and it is situated pretty much in the middle of nowwhere so nature surrounds you at every angle.

We decided to take a wander through the forest to see if we could spot any Colombian wildlife. Apart from about 150 butterflies, the most impressive thing was the unusual plants and particularly unusual leaves scattered throughout the forest.

I became so excited at seeing a leaf this huge, I felt like I was in ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’, one of my favourite childhood films.

Naturally Luke thought it would make a great Leprechaun’s beard.

I’m not sure I will ever find another airport hostel this cute.


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