It was all Yellow

It was all Yellow

So here I am in Nicaragua, the place where, nine years ago, my travel bug was born. After meeting Esme at a party one night, we got chatting about her up and coming adventure travelling around Nicaragua for six weeks. Having just turned eighteen and with a bit of extra birthday money than usual I drunkenly told her I would meet her there. The next morning with a heavy head after falling asleep on the loo, she asked if I was serious about going with her. I sure as hell was and booked my ticket almost immediately.

It’s funny being back here. My memories don’t mirror what I see now but I love Nicaragua just the same. Granada is a sweet colonial town and although it’s not a patch on Antigua, Guatemala, it’s somewhere you can easily enjoy for a few days. We found an awesome little hostel called GM Granada which has a lovely pool, hammocks, a bar, pool table, awesome staff and turtles plus it’s not a party hostel. For these reasons, we couldn’t leave so just kept extending our stay.

Like many tourist towns, it can go from plush to poverty pretty quickly. I always find it strange seeing such a divide in such close proximity.

My favourite spot in town is the clock tower overlooking the tiled rooftops and ‘Catedral de Granada’. The city comes alive during the golden hour due to the numerous yellow buildings. 

See you in another decade Granada. 


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