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coffee & craft

Antigua is a gorgeous little Guatemalan town surrounded by volcanoes and filled with beautiful examples of Spanish colonial architecture. It’s the kind of place where you can never drink too many cups of coffee whilst perched people watching on the cobbled pavements.

This main square is the central point, filled with vendors trying to sell their wares to passers by and horse and carts with owners insisting that you do want to get in their cart and it is worth spending more than you would pay for a nights accommodation.

We wandered aimlessly up and down the Calle’s which form the grid that maps Antigua. We found lots of lovely little coffee shops, one of which was in a garden centre and despite the coffee being average at best, the setting was gorgeous.

The garden was brimming with fresh fruits and exotic flowers, some of which were so unusual I was desperate to pick them and somehow transform them into jewellery.

I felt zen and totally inspired after seeing all these wonderful flowers. Luke on the other hand was on his way to climaxing from cacao.

I like him because he’s an introvert.

Whilst browsing around the ChocoMuseo casually trying every sample flavour and with no intention of spending $7 on a packet of chocolate covered raisins, I discovered this beautiful jewellery store. I got chatting to the guy behind the counter and he was telling me that these terracotta beads are made from scratch on the outskirts of Antigua. Long hollow tubes are rolled and later chopped into the tiny beads that make up these beautiful pieces of jewellery. Being on a travellers budget is no fun when it comes to shopping, but it’s a great excuse to come back and fill my suitcase with backstrap weaved rugs, woven blankets and beaded creations. 

Guatamala, it really has been emotional. Next stop Nicaragua.

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