A wander in Bonda

A wander in Bonda

After coming to the realisation that this week is ‘Semana Santa’, a holy celebration here in Colombia, all our plans went down the pan. It turns out the Colombians go all out for this holiday, filling every hostel, hotel and resort anywhere vaguely near the Caribbean coast which, unfortunately, is exactly where we had planned to spend this week. Whilst sitting in a hot and stuffy hostel near Santa Marta trying to figure out our options, we noticed a poster on the wall advertising a new hostel in the nearby town of Bonda called ‘The Place to Be’. Bonda is yet to become part of the typical tourist trail – it is fairly quiet, very local and has some lovely waterfalls so off we went.

We met Chess, a lovely American guy, soon after arriving and we decided to explore the waterfalls together. You can walk the whole way which is approximately five hours up and three hours down. Five hours up was never going to work out for me so we jumped on a moto taxi to cut out the hard part and walked the rest of the way.

Within minutes we stumbled across the first waterfall which looked like something out of a fairy tale.

We then had to wade through various pools in order to reach the other falls. The whole area was so peaceful and yet to be spoilt by us humans which seems to be a rare phenomenon these days,  especially in developing countries. 

After spending some time relaxing and taking in the beauty we began to make our way back down the hillside to Bonda. 

The veiws were idyllic, living up here must be so tranquil.

We weren’t exactly sure what this rock carving was about but I assume it has some link to the indigenous people of this area.

Thankfully we made it back in time for a sunset beer and what a beautiful sunset it was. P.S like Luke’s pony tale? 


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