Beautiful Belize but beware of the beach

Beautiful Belize but beware of the beach

“If you came to Belize in search of sparkling blue waters, delicious fresh seafood, fauna-rich forests and affordable prices, look no further than Sarteneja” said The Lonely Planet.

Hence why we are here. This beautiful little fishing village on the northern tip of Belize is undoubtedly an incredible spot but what The Lonely Planet fails to mention is unfortunately you can’t indulge in these enticing chalky waters without being swallowed up by quick sand. The more we travel the more irritated we get at The Lonely Planet. I’m all for wishful thinking and positive slants but so many times we have gone out of our way to a visit a ‘must see’ museum that turns out to be solely documented in Spanish and regardless of this, it would blatently bore you to death, or travel for a full day on a chicken bus to arrive somewhere with ‘sparkling blue water’ that you can’t enter. Bitching aside though, I’m so happy we came. I love this place for its beauty and plus the last three hours of the chicken bus were hilarious. It was full of sailors coming home from a week at sea; they got blind drunk and were desperately trying to turn our rickety little bus into Pacha, Ibiza.

Luke attempted a dip but he was knee deep within a millisecond, sorry about the lack of photo for this, I was too busy laughing at him.

After baking in 30 degree heat, Luke was cracking up, we needed to find a way to cool off. So with help from our new four legged friend, Cindy, we went in search of a non delapidated pier.

And we found one. It might have been covered in bird poo but beggars can’t be choosers.

The following day we went on a trip to explore a nearby bat cave and cenote with two friends we met Alysia and Fon. Our guide; Leo Verde was such a sweetheart and so knowledgable about the local area, I really wanted to put him in my pocket and take him back to Wales.

As we approached, all that was going through my head was that this looked like a crocodile’s heaven. Apparently this cenote was once home to many crocs but one day, years ago, they all left … Not convinced myself but once we were in it was so incredible being in a natural pool surrounded by verdant forest knowing that the centre point was almost 200 meters deep. Leo believes that the water in this cenote has healing energy, to be fair he looks great for 70.

The day ended with a cuddle from the cutest puppy ever, a tarot card reading and a new piece of jewellery. Alysia makes these ‘orb chokers’ by hand carving beads of clay. As well as looking awesome, they represent the throat chakra which is a lovely sentiment. For anyone interested in making a purchase, they come in many colours. Check out her collection at

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