Blissful Bacalar

Blissful Bacalar

I have never been what you would call a nature girl and camping has always been quite firmly out of the question but when I saw Hunab Ku campsite online, I knew I had to wake up to this view every morning and the prospect of camping actually excited me for the first time ever.

This was our bed for four nights, it was supposed to be three nights but I just couldn’t leave so we stayed an extra night. We had Stromatolites on our doorstep which were incredible to see. These may just look like rocks but stromatolites are the oldest beings in the world. They are classed as beings as they emit oxygen and the Mayan ancestors used to believe that if you spent time in water with them they would rebalance your body’s energy.

Our only objective whilst being here was to relax and spend time in the lagoon.  Which we did. A lot.

We even got to watch my favourite match of the year; Wales vs England in the Six Nations, with this as our backdrop. When I say watch, what I mean is we would catch 10 seconds every minute or so. I don’t want to talk about the score anyway…

The town of Bacalar itself is very sweet with lots of bars and restaurants ranging from budget to plush. Christian’s tacos is a great little restaurant off the main square. It’s super cheap and the food is great and actually the atmosphere is really quite rom!

It was so nice getting to know the lovely Anzor, turns out he is the Martin’s money of the travel world. Now it’s time to pull ourselves away from this little bit of paradise. Next stop Belize!

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