Austin Powers – I’m not gonna lie, it grabbed me

Austin Powers – I’m not gonna lie, it grabbed me

Sorry about the title but it just had to happen.

Before arriving in Austin, state capital of Texas, I had no expectations or preconceived ideas, which is usually the best way and as soon as I arrived I felt good vibes from all directions.

On the first bus we took we noticed lovely exchanges between people. One of which being when a guy got on with toilet paper hanging out of his pants like a veil. While I died of embarrassment in the corner another guy went straight over to help with the situ and they spent the next ten minutes chatting away. I can’t imagine an act of kindness towards a stranger like that in London.

Art and music are obviously huge influences here, you see colour and hear music all around. This feature sums up Austin for me, you really can feel a creative pulse pumping through the city.

See what I mean? Such feel good vibes.

After a long walk around the city and a wander through the more residential area of South Congress, we took time out to eat at one of Austin’s legendary food truck parks (which was awesome!) followed by macaroons at La Patisserie Bakery.

No idea.

Before leaving Austin we had one more thing to do. We had to dance at what critics call “the best honky tonk bar in Texas”, the Broken Spoke.

Honky tonk dance video

The walls are lined with legends who have danced on these very floorboards, including Willie Nelson, Clint Eastwood and, my personal favourite, the babe that is Dolly Parton. We gave the dancing a go and loved it although I’m not sure we were quite as smooth as Dolly would have been.

I’ve loved this lone star state and am a little sad that our time here is coming to an end. We headed back to Clem and Max’s briefly before our flight to Mexico. Luckily for us it was the night of the Superbowl and this year it took place in Houston.

Friends of theirs came around and we all stuffed ourselves silly whilst watching the Falcons give the Patriots a run for their money. Tom Brady pulled it out of the bag at the last minute though, making the Patriots the winners 34-28. Unlucky Falcons, I love an underdog.

We will miss you three and the twins. Until next time …

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  • You are making me both laugh and cry as I sit at my desk on a miserable Wednesday in Newport. I am so impressed with your blogs Lucy, you really bring these places to life. Carry on the fun……

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