Ol Man River

Ol Man River

So it turns out we have been tornado dodging. Last night we arrived in a place called Hattiesburg which has been badly affected by the recent storm. As we drove through the suburbs we saw hotels with no roofs and smashed windows. There we were thinking it must just be a run down town, completely oblivious to the fact that there had been a tornado hours earlier. After watching CNN we realised that we have been just ahead or behind this storm for the past few days and it’s killed eighteen people so far. The hotel we are staying at is now home to many people who have lost their homes. It’s truly heartbreaking seeing them come in with the possessions they have managed to save. We have been so lucky to miss it.

We drove around the worst affected areas and what’s so sad is that the poorest areas have been hit hardest. It seems so unfair. I didn’t take many photos out of respect for the local people.

A very aptly shaped cloud, considering.

Moving on, we are now in the town of Natchez, Mississippi which is beautifully perched on the great Mississippi River. It was the first settlement on the Mississippi River and recently celebrated it’s 300th anniversary.

We arrived in time to witness one of the best sunsets I have ever seen.

 We are staying in Magnolia Bluff, a casino hotel so we chanced our luck at black jack. When I say we, I mean Luke. He got lucky and ended up winning nearly $200. The drinks are on him tonight.

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