Charming Charleston

Charming Charleston

We have arrived in the historic city of Charleston, best known for its cobbled streets, horse drawn carriages, beautiful French quarter and even more Antebellum architecture.

Our first day in Charleston was an absolute corker. We wandered around the French quarter and waterfront in 24 degree heat. It feels so good to feel the sun on my skin again after my, albeit brief, Welsh winter.

Unfortunately day two was rather chilly and grey. I find that places lose their sparkle somewhat when they don’t have a bright blue backdrop. Charleston is truly charming though, even on the dullest of days.

I really want this to be my front door ?

We stumbled upon the city’s old jail so naturally tried to get rid of Luke for a while.

Not happy Jan! I think it’s time to perve on Elvis while chomping on a filthy American burger…

And then have a beer …

And then a gin?

If you are ever in Charleston, The Gin Joint has to be on your agenda. It’s an atmospheric little place which serves an impressive variety of weird and wonderful cocktails whether you are a gin lover or not. I am a whiskey girl myself so  indulged in the best twist on an Old Fashioned I’ve ever had. Smoked maple syrup, walnut liquor and rye whiskey topped of with one huge block of ice. It was like heaven in a glass. I’ve been dreaming of this drink ever since. If you are unsure of which one to choose there is a ‘bartender’s choice’ where you pick two words, for example ‘floral & sweet’ or ‘fruity & fizzy’, and he will make one to suit you.

Nutty wasn’t a fan of the mood lighting but once she’d located the torch on her phone she was won over like me.  About three hours after this photo was taken we were stumbling around the Harris Teeter supermarket, drunkenly amazed by all the ridiculously oversized, sugar filled, artificially coloured crap that’s for sale.

The following morning with slightly heavy heads we were back on the road again heading south to Savannah.

On the way we decided to have a picnic under this impressive and very mossy oak tree. Fresh air, salami and humus is a pretty good hangover cure.

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