The Antebellum Trail

The Antebellum Trail

So we are off on another adventure. Such lucky so & so’s! After a pretty cruisy flight from London Heathrow, we arrived in Atlanta at 2.30pm. We got off to a strong start by getting upgraded on our hire car. Instead of riding around in a cramped Toyota Corolla we are cruising around in a beautifully spacious Jeep. Hopefully this is a good omen!

We decided to bypass Atlanta and head East to the historic town of Social Circle. Or as Nutty calls it: Social Services. This is an Antebellum town – meaning pre-war. A lot of Southern towns in America were destroyed during the civil war but a few managed to escape the carnage and hold on to their beautiful buildings – and history.

We had a perfect afternoon wandering around this unique little neighbourhood. Each and every house is totally different. Some appear to be shacks that have been puzzled together, some are small but perfectly proportioned…

And some are darn right gigantic!

We ended our first day by eating our body weight at a Greek Revival mansion decorated in the finest Antebellum decor. The Blue Willow Inn may look fancy but it is very down to earth and is known to serve some of the most authentic food in the South. 

Our first full day in the States started in Madison, another Antebellum town a few miles east of Social Circle. Madison has a lovely laid back vibe and the film set streets are lined with some of the most impressive examples of Antebellum architecture in the US. 

Those who know me know that it is practically impossible for me to pass a market without at least a little peek inside. I loved this Interiors market in Madison and could have easily filled a shipping container with cushions, trinkets and Sauvignon Blanc soap.

After a very hearty Southern welcome in Georgia it’s time to see what South Carolina has to offer. 

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