Bagan – The Bigger the Buddha the Better

Bagan – The Bigger the Buddha the Better

Bagan was my initial draw to Myanmar and I knew that it would be incredible but I didn’t expect to fall in love with it the way I have. It think I can honestly say that it’s the most impressive place I have ever been.


We hired an e bike to explore just a few of the 4000 temples, all of which contain a Buddha. Some are huge and breath taking, others are tiny, cute and crumbling and some are slowly being lost amongst the over growing flower bushes and shrubbery.


We met the sweetest guy in a temple that happened to be a beautiful sunset spot. He was the caretaker by day and artist by night. We decided to buy two of his paintings which I can’t wait to frame and hang when we get home.


The beautiful sunset on Day one.


Obvious name choice from these guys.


Luke drove full pelt at this tree, it wasn’t until little wooden moons were tangled in my hair that we realised this tree was actually someone’s shop. Cringe.



We also stumbled across a monk’s funeral – he had one hell of a send off.


We found this enormous temple with incredible views over central Bagan and decided it would be perfect for our second and last sunset here. We pretty much planned the afternoon around this and just as we headed there, our e bike battery went from 3 bars to zero. So we spent sunset on the side of the road with our broken down e bike, not quite as spectacular as we had imagined.


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  • Haha, driving into someones shop just properly cracked me up! That is so bad!!! haha, good story though, I hope you made a guilt purchase! This place looks incredible, it has been added to my list!! x

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