Lucy in the Stupa with Diamonds

Lucy in the Stupa with Diamonds

I spent the majority of time in Yangon sick in bed but before the bug attacked we had a chance to wander through the characterful streets of what was formerly known as Rangoon. image

Colonial architecture surrounds the central area of town


We visited the famous Shwedagon Stupa which was pretty impressive. My favourite fact was that at the very top of the stupa is a 76 carat (15g) diamond and if you stand on a certain line on the stupa platform you can see each colour from the spectrum shine through. Furthest away you see red, then as you step towards the stupa the diamond shines yellow, blue then green.


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  • Oh how I am loving your blog …it all sounds wonderful and I absolutely love all your fabulous pictures. Can’t believe you are 6 months in. Keep up all the updates …miss you guys and sending lots of love xxxxxx Ger and mark xxx

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