Ko Momma’s

Ko Momma’s

Our journey to Ko Lanta took 12 hours and consisted of 5 mini buses and 2 ferries. Don’t ask. Let’s just say we were so happy to finally arrive on such a beautiful island with lots going on. We spent most of our time swimming in the sea, soaking up the vitamin D and being massaged by tiny yet surprisingly strong locals.


We hired scooters one day to explore the island better. I fell off within 10 minutes.


We found a deserted beach full of tiny shells and coral, I was in my element and found all sorts of treasures!


Spot the cutie.


We decided we needed some adventure in amongst our R&R days so we booked to go caving and water kayaking around the nearby islands. One of the islands is called Ko Phee meaning ‘ghost island’ – it has naturally eroded to look like a scull, or some would say a gorilla. I thought I would give the majority of caving a miss considering how accident prone I am at the moment, but when it came to it I loved it and ended up doing the whole lot. Deep inside one cave were three rain water pools. To get here was like an obstacle course, 3 vertical climbs, 2 sheer drops and 2 tiny holes that we had to turn onto our sides to squeeze through. This area of the cave was pitch black, you couldn’t even see your hand in front of your face. Both of our guides were local boys with severe ADHD and kept popping out of unexpected holes and making strange noises. Imagine six of us sharing one torch, trying to dodge our hyperactive guides whilst simultaneously avoiding the razor sharp coral covering every surface. It was a recipe for disaster but we made it with only a few minor scratches and can’t wait to do it again!


We kayaked to a tiny beach amongst the islands for a very tasty lunch!


Bye Nutty & Peg, we will miss you! You have entertained us endlessly! Xx

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  • Loving your blog Lulu! I bet you thought of mum when you were collecting shells! Have you not learnt your lesson about having the word lucky in your photo’s? Im really surprised to hear you liked caving…you have changed!! Glad you had fun with the nut and peggy! x x

    • I did feel like mum. Haha I will never live that photo down, probably the worst choice of t shirt ever. I know, I was so shocked I liked caving! I really did though, it was exciting. Peggy and Nutty are total legends, I miss them xx

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