Foreign festivities

Foreign festivities

I was never looking forward to having Christmas away from home. Everyone who knows me knows that I am Mrs Christmas and the only place I want to be is at my parents house eating way too many pigs in blankets. This year though I was lucky enough to be on a beautiful Sri Lankan beach with two of my favourite people.


I woke up to a balcony decorated in tinsel and a stocking made from one of Luke’s hiking socks. The boys filled it with a variety of Sri Lankan tea, insect repellent, chocolate and wine. I love you both, thank you!

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My Skype call home on Christmas Day, I absolutely loved seeing all their faces!


We headed over to Kuala Lumper to celebrate new year with Luke’s mum, her friend Peggy and Feyzer – my Sri Lankan soul sister. The firework display over the Petronas towers was incredible! KL in general is such a cool city.


Peggy doing the robot.


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  • ‘Skype call’??? Shouldn’t that say 100 Skype calls?? How cute were the boys making you a stocking, you didn’t tell me about that!! I would have bought Chris a hat too if I had know he was staying, glad he wasn’t left out though! We had the ‘special couple’ card too, its not what she would have chosen but never mind hey x x

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