Hello Sri Lanka!

Hello Sri Lanka!

Flying out of India and into Sri Lanka felt so good! Especially knowing that my parents were on the other side! I was so happy to see them coming out of the departure gates, although my mum’s first words were “Hia love, your father’s just been held hostage in the toilets”. . It turned out that two toilet cleaners had demanded money and blocked the exit. Thankfully he thought it was hilarious and so did we after my initial hysteria. 

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I read that the train from Colombo to Galle was one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world so after their mammoth 13 hour journey I made them travel for another two hours (sorry I know you just wanted bed!) It was such a beautiful journey though, it ran parallel to the shore pretty much the whole way. Unfortunately we also encountered a funeral and a suicide during the train journey, not exactly the introduction we expected.


We spent two days in the quaint fort town of Galle before heading down to Mirissa to meet Chrissy B. It was so amazing for me so be surrounded by 4 of my favourite people on such a beautiful island.


There we were, soaking up the sun and catching up on our time apart when this creepy little serpent slithered through our legs. This did not help my inate fear of wild life. Atall.

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Whilst in Mirissa we hardly left the beach apart from a little whale watching.

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