Street life

Street life

Kolkata is hands down my favourite city in India. People say each place has its own rhythm and I feel like we fell into Kolkata’s straight away. City life is thriving and watching people go about their daily business is so addictive although the poverty is particularly sobering.

Shockingly, certain areas still use manually pulled rickshaws. 

Old Chinatown, a desperately poor area.

Only in India would a bridge randomly end in mid air.

We heard that there was a flower market that operates 24 hours a day. In my head I’d imagined a a Primrose Hill type affair .. When will I learn. It was fifteen minutes of complete madness, the colours and smells were incredible and Luke even got a bit Rom and bought me a rose!

We were so lucky to spend Diwali in Kolkata. This is the festival of light and one of India’s biggest celebrations. Everywhere you looked there were huge led displays, fairy lights, candles and fireworks. Children seemed to be in charge of fireworks across the city though which was obviously petrifying. 5 year olds with rockets, 7 year olds chasing each other with lit fire crackers not to mention kids no older than 6 lighting up grenades that made your rib cage shake when they exploded. Happy Diwali everyone!

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