It’s all about the journey

It’s all about the journey

Our journey from Varanasi to Darjeeling was hectic. There were last minute cancellations, train stations crawling with rats, psychopathic creeps, potentially aggressive lady boys, child snake charmers plus the normal Indian chaos.

India is a place full of contradictions, smoking on a train platform is a no no but poo where you like, women are an obsession but at the same time ignored, the streets are filled with garbage and the street cleaners sweep the dust from one place to another, you meet the most awful person followed by the kindest and when you think that absolutely nothing makes sense here, everything slots into place. Just as me and Luke were chatting about India is getting a bit much for us, two men and a sound system appeared on the train and started serenading us. And just like that we are putty in India’s hand yet again.

After leaving Varanasi at 9pm we arrived in Darjeeling at 11pm the following night – bed never felt so good. It was all worth while though when we woke up to the beautiful Mount Kangchenjunga, the third highest in the world.

Unfortunately Ratfink was poorly for the first 5 days but after a trip to the hospital, he felt better in no time. He perked up as soon as he saw a nurse in uniform to be honest. Once he was feeling back to normal we headed to Sikkim, hoping the Boys would still be able to organise a trek.





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  • It was nice reading your blog. I hope you remember me I had joined you from Asansol where you started your break journey to Darjeeling. It pretty obvious that you meet many unexpected peoples and situations and you still smile and enjoy your journey to see the world. India is huge country and 2nd largest population in the world. In india, Still people think of three things first i.e., Roti(Food), Kapda(Clothes) & Makan(House). Surely we have many problems but it cannot be solved in one day.

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