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Out of the Blue

Jodhpur, also known as the blue city. Originally blue signified the home of a Brahmin (a member of the priest/ scholar caste – the highest Hindu caste) but non Brahmins got in on the act too and now a large proportion of the old city is painted blue. As well as radiating a beautiful glow at dawn and dusk, the blue tint is said to repel insects but I’m not convinced of this myself.

It was 37 degrees the day we arrived which may explain why the locals call it Sun City.

No filter, I promise.

The Mehrangarh fort is pretty impressive, it rises high out of the rock face and the stone shines bright at night. I did find the tour really dull though, lots of rambling and not many interesting facts, I was over it by the second information point but endured the next 31. Loved the bit about one of the gates being deliberately designed at 90 degrees to the main path to stop invading armies and their charging elephants building up momentum to break down the door.

We finally received the news we had been waiting for, Luke’s sister Abby gave birth to the most beautiful little boy; Alex Mark Dubrey. Yay! We celebrated with a bottle of wine and a thali overlooking this amazing view…

I am so in love with Rajasthani architecture.

Jodhpur is a photographer’s dream. If you wander through the medieval lanes of the old city, you are sure to find photo opportunities everywhere you turn.

Something that I have struggled with since being in India is the staring – I could never have prepared myself for how intense it has been at times. A funny example of this was during a wander through the old city’s streets one afternoon. A lady no younger than 80 was perched on the doorstep of her house, a sari covering her bottom half but not a thread on her top, just flowers around her neck. When I looked up at her face, to my further shock, she had the Indian times newspaper gripped in her toothless mouth. This was something I couldn’t help but grab a sneaky look at, I mean how often do you see something like this? My nan is embarrassed to show her arms! When I managed to avert my eyes, a group of young boys were stood to my right, completely uninterested in this marvellous display and were instead dumbfounded by the colour of my skin.

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