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Udaipur is the place I was most excited about visiting whilst in India so I was really hoping it would live up to my expectations. Thankfully it was even more stunning than I’d imagined.

We stayed in a brilliant guest house called Hanuman Ghat hotel with views to die for and the best chicken tikka in town. Octopussy was filmed in Udaipur so watching it overlooking the lake where Roger Moore floated over to the palace disguised as a crocodile, was pretty cool.

Ganesha celebrations continue …

Chilled days are the best days.

If Udaipur banned vehicles I think it would be one of the most mesmerising places in the world but unfortunately the constant beeping and bonkers driving does detract slightly, never the less I do love it here and hope to come back.

Love step 7.

A highlight for me was the day Luke wrestled a cow! So far we have found the cows in India really placid; we are pretty un-phased by them. So there we were wandering down a small street when suddenly a cow bolted in our direction, I managed to swerve into the entrance of a shop but Luke didn’t get away that easily. He had nowhere to go so literally had to grab the cow by the horns to keep it at arms length until he could jump into a doorway that the cow couldn’t fit into. For a second I actually thought he was going to die but unlike me, who would have cried and been trampled, he was like Indiana Jones! Definitely in my top 10 memories so far.

Luke finding his feet with a Rajasthani cobbler

City palace is so pretty!

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